#minorsextrafficking | Riverton Police Searching For Woman Who Tased 9-Year-Old Boy

RIVERTON, Utah – Investigators with the Riverton Police Department have asked for the public’s help to identify a woman who they said tasered a 9-year old boy, then drove off.

Keaton Green was practicing his controlled fall on his backyard trampoline when he and his mother talked to KSL-TV.

However, being able to fall properly is a different story when you’re tased. 

“I face-planted,” said Keaton. “I fell straight to the ground.” 

This past Friday, he and a friend were playing in the parking lot of a church off 12900 South and 2700 West in Riverton when they noticed a woman in her car watching them. 

“The lady pulled in and she was taking pictures of us,” said Keaton. 

Keaton said he went to the lady’s car to find out why she was taking pictures of them. 

That’s when Keaton said the woman started cursing at him. 

“She got out of the car and grabbed my arm and tased me, and then my friend Ben ran to get help,” said Keaton. 

He still had the marks on his chest from the taser, even though it has been four days since it happened. 

“It feels like you’re getting stabbed a million times in the same spot,” he said. 

His mother cringed when she heard Keaton describe it like that. 

“I don’t even need five minutes with that woman,” said Kelly Green. “I don’t know who, what type of psychopath, tases little children.” 

What Green really wanted to know was why was the woman taking pictures of them in the first place? 

“That’s why I think the worst, too, that maybe she was hired to take pictures and give them to somebody else who has worse intentions,” said Green. “I don’t know what her end game was. Was it child sex trafficking and casing the area? Was it some crazy crackhead who didn’t have her fix? I don’t know.” 

Riverton police released this grainy image of the suspect’s getaway car. (Riverton Police Department)

Riverton police released surveillance video of the car right after the woman tased Keaton. 

It was an older model, greyish-tan sedan with a University of Utah sticker in the back window. Detectives described the woman as about 50 years old with black curly hair and missing a tooth on the front right side of her mouth. 

She was wearing a purple dress with flowers on it at the time. 

Keaton said he saw the car again Monday afternoon in the same area. 

“She’s around here somewhere and she needs to be caught,” said Green. 

Not only to find out what she was doing, but so Keaton and his friends can feel safe playing outside again. 

“It’s just scary,” said Green. “It’s a scary thought that a grown woman is doing this. If they wanted to take him, they could have easily. He was completely incapacitated.”

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