#minorsextrafficking | State Senator Plummer Named To Human Trafficking Task Force

Edwardsville, IL-(Effingham Radio)- State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) has been appointed to the State of Illinois’ Human Trafficking Task Force, joining ongoing efforts to identify ways to address the growing human trafficking crisis in Illinois.


“Human trafficking is a pervasive crisis in Illinois, with countless individuals becoming trafficked victims. We cannot sit idly by and allow this to continue unaddressed,” said Sen. Plummer. “I believe as a Task Force we have a real opportunity to work together, bring awareness to human trafficking and identify avenues before us to put a stop to a trafficking in our state.”


The Human Trafficking Task Force serves as a statewide group mandated to provide an action plan to the Governor and the General Assembly to address the growing problem of human trafficking across the state of Illinois.


Senator Plummer has been a vocal advocate on this issue since joining the Illinois Senate, and has again re-introduced legislation that would crack down on human sex traffickers and add protections to victims of sex trafficking. Senate Bill 2220 would also promote training and awareness of trafficking situations and victim recognition. 


“The victims of this horrible practice are some of the most vulnerable people out there. It is a shame the General Assembly has not done more to help these people by going after the vile criminals who exploit and/or profit from their suffering. I hope this Task Force begins to right this wrong,” said Sen. Plummer.


The Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force is composed of twelve Illinois State legislators, one representative of the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force, appointed by the Governor, and one representative of the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force, appointed by the Governor. The Task Force also includes the following ex officio members: the Director of the Illinois State Police, or his or her designee; the Director of the Department of Children and Family Services, or his or her designee; the Secretary of the Department of Human Services, or his or her designee; and the Director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, or his or her designee.

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