#minorsextrafficking | Summer camps across U.S. gear up for campers

All 50 states are allowing summer camps this year — good news for millions of young campers — but a challenge for camp leaders, as they work to keep staff and children safe amid a lack of guidance and a pandemic labor crunch. (June 11)

Video Transcript

TOM ROSENBERG: We need to work together this summer to provide our kids with the best summer ever. It’s going to be so much joy, so much happiness, so much friendship, and learning happening at camp. So, but to get there, we actually have to agree to follow these basic rules and listen to those camp directors who are doing their best to take care of your children, make sure they’re safe and healthy and happy.



JOHN NELSON: They have the same bunkrooms, that’s where they can take their mask off at night, or when they’re sitting down at meals at their table, they can take their mask off to eat. And that’s really the only time you’re going to see these guys with mask off is in their cohorts. And then, second, that’s also keeping our staff separated. So the people who are working with different groups are not going from OK I’m working in the kitchen or now going to activities and working, I’m going to this group over at family camp or backpacking.

To this strap to add some weight to it, so probably up here actually pull.

So, how are you– You feeling good about all this?

Oh Yeah.



MARGARET CHAFFEE: More than anything else, it’s a sign that things are getting back to normal, and that we can start to look forward to things again, and look forward to gathering and some socialization that maybe we’ve been cut off from with all of the restrictions and the changes to schools and all of that.

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