#minorsextrafficking | Two PI stories promise more to come

“Two Girls Down” by Louisa Luna

This mystery introduces two private detective characters. The story takes place in rural Pennsylvania, where Max Caplan (known as “Cap”) was once a police officer. After leaving the force under a cloud, he has attempted to make a living following cheating husbands.

Alice Vega is a bounty hunter from California who has built a career finding missing children. It was her reputation for success that led the family of two missing local girls to hire her. When Vega arrives she meets Cap as well as other law enforcement officers, none of whom welcome her presence or her “help”.

Vega has a sketchy personal life that is slowly revealed over the course of the story. Cap also has issues but is supported by his teenage daughter, whose custody he shares with his ex-wife.

These two distinct personalities clash but eventually merge as the search for the missing girls accelerates.

“The Janes” by Louisa Luna

The Cap-Vega duo reunites as Alice recruits Cap to come to California and help her on a case involving child sex-trafficking out of Mexico. This is a much more violent mystery than “Two Girls Down” but we learn more about the personalities of our two private investigators. No doubt there will be more books to come.

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