#minorsextrafficking | U.S. heroes save 15 kids from evil sex traffickers

U.S. Marshals — U.S. heroes, really — swooped into Georgia, partnered with local and state law enforcement, and found and rescued 39 missing children, 15 of whom were identified as victims of sex trafficking.

Thank God for America’s law enforcement. Suddenly, “defund the police” doesn’t seem so smart, does it?

Not to 39 children, anyway.

Not to 39 children and those who missed and loved them.

“Operation Not Forgotten” — what an apt name, oh so comforting, oh so true — spanned two weeks and resulted in the recovery of 39 youths, ages 17 to as young as 3 years old.

Three. Years. Old.

Nine pieces of adult scum were arrested, too. Alleged scum, that is.

“I have children,” said Donald Washington, director of the U.S. Marshals Service, Fox 5 reported. “These are not my kids and these are not your kids, but actually they are our kids when it’s all said and done.”

Defund the police?

No. Boost funding for the police.

Currently, by Marshals Service count, 420,000 children in America are missing.

Thirty-nine down.

That leaves 419,961 to go.

Defund the police? No, quite the opposite. Fund away, fund fully and fund fast. The heroes of America’s work force need the money. Evil is on the prowl, and our nation’s youngest are the prey.

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