#minorsextrafficking | What is #OpDeathEaters? Here’s how Anonymous helped further campaign to expose massive pedophile networks

Human rights activist Heather Marsh started the campaign OpDeathEaters in 2014 to shed light on the much-prevalent issues of sex-trafficking and pedosadism (involves torture and murder of children for pleasure). It was supported by a range of regional accounts such as OpGabon and OpDeathEatersUS and human rights groups, thus garnering attention worldwide. The campaign became the subject of Mike Salter’s 2016 book titled ‘Crime, Justice and Social Media’. 

Following Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile scandals in the US and the UK in 2019, Anonymous invited people to join its ongoing mission against pedophiles with #OpDeathEaters. The international hacktivists made it their goal to gather evidence against international minors’ trafficking networks and bringing the perpetrators that feed off on the pain of children to justice. Marsh does not identify as a member of Anonymous.

Anonymous said in a statement, “The goal of #OpDeathEaters is to be an international, independent and victim-serving investigation. Protected child trafficking circles are cops, judges, attorneys, clergy and government officials who cover each other.” The hacktivists called volunteers to help them with their three-stage plan, which was, collecting all factual information, disseminate as much information as possible and establish an independent international investigation in all areas that have been properly investigated so far. 

On June 28, Anonymous took to OpDeathEaters’ official Twitter handle to share, “What is #OpDeathEaters, what are our goals, and what have we achieved so far? A thread index to our work.” 

The thread consists of all their goals to put an end to the child sex trafficking industry across the world and also in detail talks about all the prominent personalities and organizations that have been exposed under the operation. 

One tweet used to expose Marc Collins-Rector reads, “This is a thread about Marc Collins-Rector and the powerful child rape ring which extends from the BBS era to the cryptocurrency era with ties throughout entertainment and silicon valley, from Disney executives to crypto circles and social media. #opDeathEaters.”

The hacktivists, in another thread, have accused American director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing underage boys. The tweet reads, “In 1998, Bryan Singer was sued during filming of Apt Pupil, because he required underage extras to strip naked for hours while he shot a shower scene. Screenwriter Brandon Boyce called it “an absolute smear job” and “an attempt to blackmail people based on their sexuality.”

And, one thread of tweets shared by Anonymous on OpDeathEater consists of all the details regarding “very established (alleged) rings of child rapists and traffickers (Collins-Rector, Singer, Epstein) financial links (Goldman-Sachs, crypto) and speculative links to power (Clinton, Trump, Bannon), spies and Hollywood.”

Recently, Anonymous hacked into the Minneapolis Police Department’s website and made shocking revelations about  Trump’s alleged involvement in the killing of Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous sex trafficking and child rape racket. The hacktivists also claimed that the deaths of Princess Diana, ‘Fast and Furious’ actor Paul Walker and Swedish DJ Avicii were staged as they were in possession of confidential information about child trafficking racket and other criminal activities that involved many prominent personalities including Vitoria’s Secret’s forward model Naomi Campbell. 

The statements and allegations are on the basis of the claims being made on the Internet, and MEA World Wide (MEAWW) cannot independently verify the veracity or authenticity of the same. 

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