#minorsextrafficking | William Quinn sentenced to 176.5 years for sex trafficking teen | Local News

“He treated this child as if she was his property and commonly referred to her as a toy,” Farquhar said.

Quinn underwent a sex offender evaluation, and the findings showed that he had an overall lack of remorse and empathy toward the victim. He also was found to have an overactive sex drive, lack of boundaries and fetish behaviors.

Farquhar deemed that Quinn is a danger to society and not capable of following societal norms or rules. Farquhar asked that Quinn serve three life sentences for counts 1-3, 50 years for counts 5-6, 10 years for 7-11 and two years for 12-13.

“Billy Quinn is among the worst of the worst and should be treated as such,” Farquhar said.

Quinn’s lawyer, Joseph Howard of Omaha, stated that Quinn made mistakes and takes responsibility for those mistakes. He noted that Quinn is a father of three, and that he wants to be able to have a relationship with his future grandchildren.

“In his failures, there is still a person, still a life worth living,” Howard said.

Howard asked for mercy for Quinn, and asked for 20 years for counts 1-3, 20 years for counts 5-6 and reasonable sentences on remaining counts to be served concurrently.

Quinn was given a chance to address the court, stating that there are many discrepancies and lies in what Farquhar said. He also accused Furnas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Alex Huntley of spreading lies about his case.

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