22 thoughts on “Miramonte Elementary Teacher, ‘Mark Berndt,’ molested 23 students.

  1. Robert Schmidt

    @CharlieBladeRemus I agree! Believe it or not I hope the prison inmates
    make him pay for this. Rob

  2. Robert Schmidt

    @KBeOKEH My thoughts exactly. It was hard enough maintaining discipliine
    before this scandal broke out, but now that the school officials will have
    to take everything the kids say seriously it will comprise the ability of
    the good teachers to maintain the classroom that much more. Thank youf or
    watching. Please subscribe Rob

  3. Robert Schmidt

    Excellent question and one that no on will really ever understand. I
    already told a friend this is similar to Charles Manson in that it’s
    impossible to truly undertand the depravity of this individual. All we can
    do is keep him away from the kids in prison for the rest of his life now.
    Thanks, Rob

  4. Robert Schmidt

    Dear THEABSENT: I want to thank you for your words of encouragement; at
    least I think you are trying to encourage people to make my video go viral.
    I would also like to encourage you to watch my explanation as to why
    Miramonte could happen. It’s titled, ‘How/Why Miramonte Elementary ‘Mark
    Berndt’ child abuse Could/Did Happen. If you really want this to go viral
    email all your friends about the video. That’s the best way to make things
    go viral. Thank you again. Rob

  5. Robert Schmidt

    @UbberDubber88 Yes it is. And, it is only going to get worse as more and
    more information comes out about this. We are now hearing the other
    teachers did know about this just as I mentioned in my video; before I
    actually knew they did. Thanks, Rob

  6. Robert Schmidt

    @DropDeadAido BEcause I was a full time substitute teacher for over 10
    years. I remember all too well the reaction I got from the kids when they
    thought you were going to get close to them. Rob

  7. musicanaist

    @thechangeling613 Children of all races get molested and raped daily. The
    way you refer to Blacks and Hispanics tells me you’re nothing but trash!!!
    Nobody deserves to be treated likes those kids were. Not even an idiot like

  8. Frank Halcomb

    I hope this SICK MOTHERFUCKER goes to prison for life. Let’s see how HE
    likes being force-fed semen by 10 guys at a time!

  9. LittleCupCakez

    Why would an old gizzard like that want to teach the second graders. His
    face look like a hardened criminal. Corrections, a hardened criminal that
    got caught.

  10. aztec714ok

    since 1990 they school administrator was told by past student that are 19
    now than the school told the court district atorney but they let it go or
    didn’t investigate right..that how it went

  11. Robert Schmidt

    Agreed. I did reach KABC’s Peter Tilden and was VERY well received.
    Unfortunately thus far everything I said in my video is coming true. Thank
    you for watching my video and please subscribe. Rob