#missingkids | ‘It was a hoax:’ Authorities say there never was a missing infant or mother; Woman arrested on numerous felony charges

“The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office takes every single report of a missing person and/ or child seriously. The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office is trained and ready to respond to and act swiftly and thoroughly in all reports of any person who may be suspected of being victim to human trafficking or, sexual servitude. The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office believes that in any report of a missing person and, especially any missing juvenile or infant child regardless of the nature of how they came to be missing, is extremely important and a matter that must be addressed immediately and as expediently as possible. This includes information sharing, local, state and federal resources, and information sharing with all available media outlets. This ensures maximizing the potential that a missing person, and especially a child, could be found safely by law enforcement and search and rescue personnel.”

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