#missingkids | Police: Remains of missing 2-year-old Oregon boy found

July 29 (UPI) — Authorities searching for Aiden Salcido, a 2-year-old boy whose parents died last week in an apparent murder-suicide, believe they found his remains in a remote area of Montana.

The discovery was made by Montana authorities at a campsite where his Salcido’s parents, Hannah Janiak and Daniel Salcido, are believed to have stayed, Oregon’s Medford Police Department said Sunday in a statement.

“The cause and manner of death will not be disclosed until an autopsy can be conducted next week in Montana,” the police department said.

Authorities had been searching for Aiden since Thursday after Janiak, 24, and Salcido, 21, were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

The couple, who had been on the run in connection to criminal convictions in a 2018 burglary case, was stopped last week by police in Montana who searched their vehicle after suspecting they had lied about their identities.

During the inspection, the couple fled, leading police on a highway chase that was brought to an end when their tires were spiked.

When officers approached the vehicle, both Salcido and Janiak were found dead from gunshot wounds.

Aiden, however, was not in the vehicle, prompting police to ask the public for help to find the child.

“Witnesses called in tips after seeing the story break on the news and were instrumental in helping to locate a remote camp believed to have been occupied by Janiak and Salcido,” the Medford Police Department said.

The couple was reported missing to the Medford Police Department June 11 and Aiden was last seen in surveillance video from early June at an Oregon Walmart with his parents who were buying camping equipment.

Janiak was supposed to start her sentence at the Jackson County Jail in Oregon in connection to the burglary case on June 11 and on June 15, felony warrants were issued for Salcido for the same burglary.;

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