#missingkids | Police Seek Public Help In Finding 13-Year-Old Alabama Girl Amberly Flores Missing Since Tuesday

Police authorities in Pelham, Alabama, are seeking public help in finding a 13-year-old girl named Amberly Flores, who went missing on Tuesday morning. According to ABC News, the teenager was last seen walking to the school bus stop and getting into an unknown vehicle. Flores, however, never made it to school and has remained untraceable ever since. Officials from the Pelham Police Department have launched a comprehensive search operation and issued an emergency missing child alert on Wednesday to find the girl.

According to ABC 3340, the Pelham Police Department has confirmed that Amberly was last seen “willingly” getting in a Mercedes-Benz SUV near Green Park South mobile home park. Efforts are underway to identify the license plate of the vehicle in question. Officials first released screengrabs from a surveillance camera feed, which seemed to indicate that the girl got in the car of her own accord.
The make and model of the vehicle were unclear in the first set of images that authorities released. A few hours later, officials were able to find another surveillance camera that had better footage. By using this footage, authorities were able to ascertain that the vehicle in question was a Mercedes-Benz SUV. The license plate information of the car, however, is yet to be released.

The official Twitter handle belonging to the Pelham Police Department has tweeted an undated image of Amberly.

In a separate tweet, officials posted an image of the Mercedes-Benz in which the girl was reportedly last seen.

Incidentally, The Inquisitr has previously reported that officers from the Pelham Police Department were involved in an incident involving special needs children at a local learning center.

Amberly’s distraught parents told police that it is out of character for the girl to get into an unknown vehicle and to not show up at school. In an interview with ABC 3340, Amberly’s father, Alfredo Flores, described his daughter as a very good girl who has always returned home from school on time.

“Never… never…. I don’t know. All times, she’s very good. A very good girl and this the first time she go to school and not come back.”

At the time she went missing, Amberly was wearing blue jeans and a white jacket. She was also in possession of a pink-colored backpack.

In the handout released by the Pelham Police Department, the teen is described as a Hispanic female with black hair and brown eyes. Amberly weighs around 115 pounds and is 5 feet 1 inch tall. If you have any information about this incident or have seen a girl resembling Amberly, please inform authorities by calling 911 or the Pelham Police Department directly at 205-620-6550.

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