Mom accused of child abuse after 13-month-old boy found wandering at CVS

Laura McAllister of New Port Richey was arrested for child abuse after her 13-month old child was found alone at a nearby CVS.

Police said a woman found the boy along with a dog at the CVS on US 19 around 6pm Friday.

She couldn’t find any family members inside the store. And then she followed the dog to a home on Shaw street where the child’s mother was found.

The witness said McAllister grabbed the child and slapped him on the back and rear end.

Police returned to the home to check on the child, who was sleeping his bedroom.

Police said they found a lighter and a cell phone battery wrapped inside of a blanket within arms reach of the boy.

Investigators say the child appeared to be dirty and wasn’t wearing a diaper.

Police said McAllister changed her story about what happened, eventually telling them the child walked off when she turned her back for a split second.

But she never contacted law enforcement about the child’s disappearance.