Mom arrested after 12-year-old son tests positive for meth

A Rock Hill mother is facing a slew of charges after police say she was distributing methamphetamine and her young son tested positive for the drug.

Jennifer Bradway, 40, of Rock Hill was arrested at her home along Bridgewood Drive Thursday, according to a York County narcotics investigator.

Bradway is charged with exposing her 12-year- old son to meth and unlawfully neglecting him.

Leland Harrelson with The Narcotics Unit explained how the boy tested positive for having meth in his system.

“It could have been when she was handling the meth, packaging it and selling it. She didn’t wash her hands. She prepared food for her son or if she touched her son, it could be transmitted that way. He wasn’t necessarily taking it. I can’t say he wasn’t ingesting it. She had it in the house so there could have been some residue as well,” said Harrelson.

He said Bradway, her roommate, and a friend were arrested late February for distributing meth near the Westminster Catawba Christian School off India Hook Road.

“She was not manufacturing meth. She was not cooking it. She was selling it. That’s still extremely bad because selling drugs; you don’t know what kind of people are coming in. People may try to rob them and vice versa. That’s the danger of people coming into a residential community to buy drugs,” said Harrelson.

Neighbors were too afraid to speak on camera, but told FOX 46 Charlotte they saw people coming and going at Bradway’s house at all hours of the day, plus loud parties late into the night, a strange thing for a tucked away community filled with retirees.

“If people are selling drugs out of a residence, many times they’ll have a lot of vehicle or foot traffic. If people only stay there a few minutes, it’s a good chance they’re doing some illegal activity,” said Harrelson.