Mom of Amber Alert girl believed child was ‘in the care of a friend’ | #missingkids

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The woman told detectives she left the home on Devonshire Crescent with the child “after a fight broke out inside,” it added. “While it is not entirely known why the woman retained custody of the child for an extended period of time, investigators have not found any indication of criminal intent or activity.”

Detectives believe the child’s mother thought her daughter was in the care of a friend.

“When she became aware that the child was not, in fact, with that friend, she began a search for the little girl herself, before alerting police,” the release stated.

Police alerted the Ministry of Social Services after the child was found.

On Wednesday, Supt. Randy Huisman said that during the overnight investigation after the missing persons report was filed, patrol officers attended a call involving a woman with a young child that could “potentially” be linked.

Huisman said the call involved a female who had been assaulted. Because the woman had left with a child who was not properly dressed, and because the timing of the missing persons investigation closely matched, the officers made the connection, he said.

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