Mom Shaves Daughter’s Unibrow, Sparking Reddit Debate | #parenting

“It’s a non-permanent thing; her unibrow grows back, and it has nothing to do with raising her, her health, or any other important parental matter that needs to be discussed by the two. It’s honestly not very different from buying an outfit for her. Would the mom be required to inform her husband every time she bought PJs for their baby? Or, perhaps a better analogy: trimming her nails. Should the mom be required to tell hubby every time she trims baby’s nails?

“Instead of something that has to be consulted, I see it more as just an interesting conversation point, like, ‘Hey honey, how was your day?’ 

“‘Oh, you know, the usual. We went on a nice walk; I shaved a tiny patch of her unibrow; she still doesn’t like banana baby food.'”


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