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It was a brutal crime in 1980 when a woman was found shot to death in South Monroe.

More than 40 years later, investigators are getting together and reviewing new information.

NBC10 Evening News Anchor Christina Jensen has been speaking to the Monroe Police Department and investigators said they are encouraged to see a different point of view in this cold case.

The cold case surrounds Angie Hill who planned to have a normal night. She was getting off work at a convenience store, but she never made it back home. Over 40 years later, her heartbroken sister is still searching for answers. 

“I’m 64, that’s four decades, at best I may have two decades left, if I’m lucky I  may have four, but we all know the last two of those won’t be pleasant. It’s not so much knowing the who, that would be wonderful, but more importantly the why,” said Dorothy Hill, Angie Hill’s sister.

Dorothy Hill of Sterlington wants answers. In August of 1980, her sister, Angie hill, was found murdered on the south side, her body discovered near an industrial park.

“What made that person or persons decide that her life wasn’t worth anything but to take it at 27 years of age,” said Hill.

Dorothy spoke to NBC 10’s Christina Jensen about her sister’s cold case and drove her to the area where her sister’s body and car were found. Dorothy said her sister’s body was dumped near richwood road #2. Her car was later found abandoned in this shopping plaza off Lincoln Road in the Lakeshore area, she was only a block away from where she was supposed to drop off money for her employer. Her vehicle was discovered about 15 minutes from where her body was found.

“She left work by the college by a convenience store, she left there and she gave someone a ride home to the south side of town, came back through, turned right off of Kansas lane to this street and her car was here,” said Hill.

Sergeant Mike Fendall with Monroe PD was a detective on the case at one point. He said investigators have gained new insight into the case and will now be looking at this from a different point of view.   

“From finding some of the stuff that we looked back into in the 80’s case, there some evidence that we went through that it wasn’t necessarily a robbery that occurred before her death, but this was something more on a personal level. The persons responsible for her death, we think there’s a good chance she may have known who they were,” said Sgt Fendall of Monroe PD.

As of now, a suspect still hasn’t been named, but Monroe PD hope someone will see this story and call them with more details.

“We are closer now than when it first happened. Again, anyone who has any information on it, it is very helpful, any little bit. No matter how small it is, it can tie a bigger piece together,” said Fendall.

It could help tie a bigger piece for Dorothy as well, who wants answers and justice for her sister.

“I don’t get how anybody could take such a person and just literally end their life like that, I’m going to get emotional, 41 years and it still hurts like hell actually!” said Hill.

If you have any information surrounding this case, contact the Monroe Police Department at 318-329-2600. 

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