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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – More children are being diagnosed with Covid-19 according to Cook Children’s.

They say that’s a concern going into the July 4th holiday weekend.

“Based on just the number of children that are testing positive our area, it has more than doubled in the past couple of weeks,” says Dr. Nicholas Rister, a pediatric infectious disease physician at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth. “We want everyone to have a great Fourth of July and enjoy the holiday. But, those large events are going to be a concern for us.”​

Dr. Rister says increased testing capabilities have allowed health officials to better track the spread, but he is urging continued caution. ​

“We definitely want to encourage the social distancing, the wearing of masks, and as best as you’re able to avoid those large group gatherings because those are going to be the areas where most of this spreads.”​

Children are more likely to recover from the highly contagious disease.

However, they are still able to spread the disease to older family members who are more vulnerable.​

“There are plenty of folks out there, that this is scary,” says Dr. Rister, “and especially on the severe end with being intubated or being in ICU, that’s very dangerous and that’s the reason we’re doing this.”​

Little question that ‘summer fun’ in the face of Covid, is often limited and almost always tentative.​

“Just social distancing, trying to keep everyone safe,” says Mom Rhandy Pena.​

Others, too are managing a mix of optimism and concern.​

“We’ve obviously made some plans,” says Jeff Landers, “but certainly those plans can change.”​

“With four kids, I don’t want them exposed,” adds Sandra Morales. “I’d rather be more cautious.”​

With infections spiking across North Texas, doctors say parents are pediatric infectious disease physician at Cook Children’s and be alert to symptoms. ​

“This is still primarily a respiratory virus,” says Dr. Rister. “But in kids you will see a lot more things with the rashes and abdominal pain, diarrhea, just general like you know ‘mom or dad everything hurts’.” ​

And while those symptoms are quite common for other illnesses as well, Dr. Rister says parents usually know when something just isn’t right and to trust their instincts.​

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