More than a year later, only Florida legislator to vote against a ban on child sex dolls says vote switched in ‘error’ | #predators | #childpredators | #kids

Florida state Rep. Margaret Good, a Democrat, was the lone legislator in her state to vote against a bill in 2019 to ban child sex dolls. More than a year later, Good told the media that her vote against the bill was done “in error.”
The Florida Legislature unanimously passed a bill in 2019 that outlawed people owning or selling sex dolls fashioned to look like children. Voting records show, however, that Good changed her vote from “yes” to “no” after the bill made it through the legislature, according to Florida Politics.
Her vote change made her the only lawmaker in both the House and Senate to vote against the bill, which went unnoticed until this week.
After Florida Politics published a piece titled “Shock report: Margaret Good voted against bill to outlaw child sex dolls,” Good’s campaign told the Washington Free Beacon that the switch was done “in error.”
Campaign manager Alex Koren told the outlet that Good meant to change her vote on a bill concerning higher education, not the bill concerning child sex dolls.
Good is currently campaigning for Florida’s 16th Congressional District in a bid to flip the seat blue.
Florida legislators are able to change their votes online through a database, but one political veteran in the state told the Free Beacon that it’s rare for a politician to make that move.
“It’s not all that common for someone to go back and change a vote — usually they would give a reason,” the political veteran said. “It’s abnormal, and most importantly, she’d have to go out of her way to do it.”
Legalizing sex dolls fashioned to look like children has sparked debate in recent years. Some advocacy groups, including the Prostasia Foundation, argued that the Florida bill would galvanize predators to seek out young children to abuse, according to Florida Politics.
However, Democratic state Sen. Lauren Book, who introduced the bill, said such dolls would “lower the inhibitions of child predators.”
“Child sex dolls are anatomically correct, responsive, lifelike silicone dolls designed for sexual gratification — and they have no place in the state of Florida,” Book said after her bill passed. “We want to make our state as unfriendly to child predators as possible.”
Regardless of Good switching her vote, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law in May of 2019.

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