Mother of abused child praying for her son to stay alive

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life after police said his mother’s boyfriend attacked.

“It ain’t no feeling cause I’m feeling the same way. Like my baby laying in that bed up there. Full of pain and hurt. That’s how I feel,” said Beyonka Bolden.

Bolden told WREG she freaked out after learning her son, Taishaun Bolden, was hurt over the weekend.

“I was just panicking because I was at work. I got a call saying it was a car wreck,” she added.

That’s what her boyfriend, Jeremy Petties, told police, but officers quickly discovered it was all a lie.

“How was it a car wreck when you and my oldest son came out with nothing, but my youngest son came out with everything? Everything was wrong with him from his head to his feet,” said Bolden.

Doctor’s revealed little Tae Tae’s injuries weren’t consistent with a crash.

The boy had bruises and abrasions all over his body, and internal bleeding in his head.

“What did my baby do to you that you had to beat him like that?”

Investigators are working to answer that question.

Petties was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse.

WREG uncovered the alleged abuser has been in and out of jail for years on drugs, aggravated assault and gun charges.

No one came to the door when we stopped by the suspect’s home, but his neighbors were shocked by the allegations.

They said the child deserves justice.

“Anybody, you should pay the price. That’s a child. That’s an innocent child. I feel like he need justice if that’s what happened,” said Mavis Gardener.

“I’m not going to think bad on nothing. I’m just going to keep positive and just think positive and just make sure he come home with me. I’m going to be here every night,” said Bolden.

The family is calling for the District Attorney to up the charges to attempted murder.

However, right now the mother says she needs all of us to pray for her son to pull through.