Mother Accused Of Child Abuse Leaves Courtroom In Tears

Parents accused of child abuse were in court Monday morning.

Megan Finlan left the courtroom in tears after her scheduled preliminary hearing was continued until December 30th when the prosecution’s witness did not show up. Her husband, Stephan Bauer, also had his preliminary hearing continued for the same reason.

Attorneys for both defendants asked for a bond review, but no bond reduction was given.

Finlan and Bauer are both charged with child abuse and neglect. A previous court appearance was postponed when their attorneys failed to show up.

The 32-year-old Finlan and 37-year-old Bauer were arrested last month when their adopted 8-year-old son was found emaciated, weighing just 32 pounds.

The boy lived in a home near North 44th and Davenport where he told investigators his parents would often withhold food and lock him in his bedroom. Investigators found feces in the boy’s bed and on the floor.