Mother returns to court for allegations of leaving kids locked in room while traveling

A Fort Carson soldier accused of leaving two small children alone in a dark, steamy room while she went out of state returned to court Monday.

The thermostat read 90 degrees and lights weren’t working when police entered the home last March, according to an arrest affidavit for Kanesha Godin. Two children, just 3 and 4 years old, were allegedly covered in their own filth.

Police say Godin admitted to traveling to North Carolina to see her mother but claimed to have a babysitter. The woman named as the babysitter, however, told police she had never been approached by Godin to sit, but had received a text from Godin asking her to lie and say she did watch the kids.

According to the arrest affidavit, the only supervision the children had was a couple of hours a night when a friend of Godin’s came over to feed the kids, give them water and change their diapers. The kids were then locked back in the bedroom. The friend told police she thought she was relieving the sitter.
The friend is facing misdemeanor charges for not reporting the situation sooner.

Godin, a sergeant with Fort Carson’s 10th Special Forces Group, is facing felony child abuse charges. Police say it was a couple of other Fort Carson soldiers who reported the case to authorities.

Our reporter in the courtroom Monday says there may a plea deal in the works, but it’s unclear if she will take it.

Godin will next return to court on Sept. 25.