Mr. Downstairs – Stranger, Danger

Available on iTunes NOW!! Off of the new SUPERHERO HEART EP! Released April 17th 2012. Lyrics…


25 thoughts on “Mr. Downstairs – Stranger, Danger

  1. Ayame Mashiba

    I liked millionares just because they are a band where I would go to play
    at a party or just to cheer up. ^-^ But I do like this, but I’m still
    digging Millionares, mostly the songs with Dani in it though

  2. merfygurl

    Glad she left millionaires so much better. Not about drugs,money, and sex.
    My ears aren’t
    New fav. Band. 

  3. GoofTards

    Beautiful! You girls make the best music. I’m so jealous as everyone
    should, you have beautiful voices and beautiful faces(:

  4. js140deg

    Have this set as my ringtone on my new phone. There’s only been one time
    someone hasn’t liked it and had me show them some of your guys’ other
    stuff. Mr. Downstairs = superior to all else.