Multiple-crime suspect hospitalized after police shoot him | #College. | #Students

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A man accused of several crimes in Mississippi’s capital city remained hospitalized Sunday, two days after police shot him.

Jackson Police Department spokesman Sam Brown said Sunday that he did not have updated information about the condition of Jaden Hill. He said investigators believe Hill committed three armed robberies, killed one person, shot into an occupied vehicle, stole another vehicle and committed aggravated assault against police officers — all within the space of about an hour on Friday.

Brown told The Associated Press he did not know whether police were waiting until after Hill is released from the hospital to file charges against him. Brown also said he did not know whether Hill is represented by an attorney.

Members of a church told WLBT-TV that they believe God protected them from Hill. Apostle Clayton Cowart was leading a tent revival when Hill allegedly pulled into the parking lot, got out of a stolen car and pointed a gun at one of the elders, Ronnie Upshaw. Cowart said Hill demanded money but fled after Upshaw said he had nothing to offer but the word of God.

“You look at all of the individuals who were shot who he made contact with, and this one elder was spared,” Cowart said. “That’s nothing but the grace of God.”

Upshaw is a pastor and elder from Gainesville, Florida. He was working security outside the tent.

“The hand of God is protecting me,” Upshaw said Saturday.

Between 50 and 75 people had gathered Friday night in Jackson for the revival outside of the Apostolic Temple Church of God The Bibleway. The revival was in response to an increased in violent crime.

Last year was the most violent year on record for Jackson for homicides. More than 50 homicides have been reported in the city in 2021, including two Friday.

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