Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is seen in children associated with COVID-19 exposure | #covid19 | #kids | #childern

PHOENIX (KYMA, KECY)-Phoenix doctors say although it’s rare, some children are having severe reactions after COVID-19 exposure.

Doctors expect the ‘pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome,’ also known as MIS-C to rise.

According to AzFamily, MIS-C is already in Arizona.  It can become very serious very quickly if not caught early, and sometimes that can be the hardest part.

“Some kids are getting very sick from it. Some kids are dying from it, and unfortunately, you can’t predict which kid that’s going to be,” said Dr. Salil Pradhan, a pediatric doctor at a Valleywise hospital.

On Tuesday, Maricopa County confirmed seven reports of MIS-C. Sources say just like COVID-19, the pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome in kids can be different from child to child, ranging from a rash and fever, vomiting and diarrhea, to sepsis and respiratory problems.

Health officials in Maricopa County say three tested negative and four cases are under investigation and currently pending.

AzFamily says there confirmed cases in Phoenix and Tucson, and in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. However, doctors say there could be more.

“Earlier in the year, before we were testing for COVID regularly, we did have an increase of instances of Kawasaki disease, which is similar to the multisystem inflammatory system. So we think we might have had some cases earlier in the year,” said Dr. Pradhan about Valleywise.

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