Mum shares clever parenting tip that helps if you lose your kid in public and every parent should know it | #parenting

THERE’S nothing worse than losing your kid in a busy public space, even if it’s only for a second.

Well it turns out there’s a really simple tip that can help if you’re ever in that situation, and every parent should know it.


The tip is great for when you’re in a busy places with your kidsCredit: Getty

One savvy mum shared the tip that could help if your kid ever does go missing and you can’t find them straight away.

Posting on Reddit, she recommended taking a quick snap of what they’re wearing before heading out, since it can be hard to remember exactly what they have on sometimes, especially if you’ve got more than one child.

The mum explained: “When you go out with your kids take a quick picture of what they are wearing.

“In the immediate panic it is hard to remember simple details, like what your child was wearing.

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“Try to get their shoes in the picture as well.”

Other parents also recommended the tip, one commented: “This one is usually best in places where there will be large crowds like Disney or on a vacation to another city where everyone is a bit more distracted and going oooh-aaah.”

Likewise, the tip could be good to know if you bring your little one to busy shopping centres over the festive period where it’s easier to get separated.

Other parents added that shoes are the most important part to remember, “it’s the hardest clothing to replace,” someone noted.

And someone else added: “Always told my kid to look at my shoes and memorize them, in a crowd it’s way easier for a kid to look down than all the way up in the air at everyone’s chin.”

Other parents explained that they try and dress their kids in bright clothes if they know they’re going somewhere very busy, since they’ll be the easiest to spot.

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