Muskogee Board of Education — AGENDA | Schools | #Education

WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education.

WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday.

WHERE: Education Service Center, 202 W. Broadway.


1. CALL TO ORDER – Tommy Anderson, President; INVOCATION – Reuben McIntosh, Principal, New Tech Cherokee; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Tommy Anderson, President.


 3. RECOGNITION OF STAFF MEMBERS — January: Certified Elementary: Melody Cranford, Cherokee; Certified Secondary: Natasha Franklin, 6-7 GA; Support: Kathryn Hall, 6-7 GA and Melissa Goforth, Transportation.

4.  SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT — Board Appreciation Month – January; Transportation Report – Brad Smythe; Bond Issue Update – Lance Crawley.    



7. Consider revisions to the 21-22 MPS District School Calendar and the 22-23 MPS District School Calendar as presented.

8. Consider revisions to the Return to Learn Plan – Covid 19 as presented.

9. PROPOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION — An Executive Session is proposed for discussion of Personnel recommendations A. through L. (names listed below) being presented for the resignation, termination, or employment of staff members, with vote to be taken after return to Open Session; pursuant to OKLA. STAT. 25 O.S. § 307(B)(1).



12. PERSONNEL — BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE personnel resolutions A. through L. as stated.

A. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: *Teacher Associate to Teacher. *Arrel Swanagan, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 12/01/2021; *Gail Harris, Teacher, Cherokee, effective 11/01/2021; *Victoria Wilson, Teacher, Cherokee, effective 12/01/2021; Alicia Sloat, Teacher,  Sadler, effective 01/03/2022; *Ian McLoud, Teacher, MHS, effective 11/01/2021; Dallas Schreiber, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2021.

B. Extra duty of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Daniel Mutai, Track Asst. Coach, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2022. Deborah Kirk, Interventionist, Cherokee, effective 01/19/2022; Sheila Buthod, Interventionist, Irving, effective 01/03/2022.

C. Extra duty of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year pending approval from the State Board of Education: Julie Aich, Parent Engagement, Cherokee, $25/hr; Gena Whitaker, Parent Engagement, Cherokee, $25/hr; Donna Cochran, Aft. School Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Natasha Franklin, Aft School Coordinator, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2022; Royal Ghazal,  Aft. School Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Melissa  Million, Aft. School Director, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2022; Jennifer Norwood, Aft. School Coordinator, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2022; Andrew  O’Dell, Aft. School Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Ariel Swanagan, Aft. School Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad,  $25/hr; James Brinkley, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Martin Bynum, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Nelita Cash, Aft. School Teacher,  8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Matt Catlett, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; April Coen, Aft. School Teacher,  8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Nhung Dang, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Mandy Keys, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Allison Kirkley, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Emily Lewis, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Nichole Larson, Aft. School Teacher,8/9 Grade Acad, $25/hr; Paul McCard, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Jaquelyn Moore , Aft. School Teacher,  8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Lisa Napier, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Jared Robinson, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Jennifer Sargent, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Pamela Sedillo, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad.,$25/hr; Sarah Wallace, Aft. School Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., $25/hr; Julie Aich, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Melissa Brown, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Mackenzie Casarez, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Melody Cranford, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Kimberly Davison, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Kathryn Kimble, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Tamara Kinsey, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Gena Whitaker, Aft. School Tchr./Coord., Cherokee, $25/hr; PamelaWilliams, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Victoria Wilson, Aft. School Teacher, Cherokee, $25/hr; Deanna  Acree, Parent Engagement,Creek, $25/hr; Kelsey Carr, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Sophia Carter, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Sophia Carter, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Abbygail Cunningham, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Ra’Chelle Duncan, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Linda Falleur, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Pamela French, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Pamela  French, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Carmen Heath, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Carmen Heath, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Angela Johnson, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Melissa Jones, Parent Engagement,Creek, $25/hr; Melissa Jones, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Jessica Layman,  Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Jessica  Layman, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Tracy Lord, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Tracy Lord, Aft. School Teacher,  Creek, $25/hr; Mitzi McFarland, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Danielle Mount,  Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Nowana  Nolan, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Nowana Nolan, Aft. School Teacher, Creek , $25/hr; Margaret Ragsdale, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Margaret Ragsdale, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Louise Raigoza, Parent Engagement,  Creek, $25/hr; Louise Raigoza, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; April Roberts, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Cheryn Robertson, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Andrea Sagely, Parent Engagement, Creek,  $25/hr; Andrea Sagely, Aft. School Teacher, Creek , effective 01/19/2022; Jennifer Schuler, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Jennifer Schuler, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Angela Selby, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Carla Talley, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; John Talley, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Daniel Watson, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Kim Witherspoon, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Kim Witherspoon, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Donna Zarnke, Parent Engagement, Creek, $25/hr; Donna Zarnke, Aft. School Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Amanda Barnes, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Kathy Hardcastle, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Luke Leatherman, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Sarah McWilliams, Aft. School Coordinator, Goetz, effective 01/19/2022;Zoe McWilliams, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Kaytlynn O’Dell, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Micheael Rappe, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Angela Satterfield, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Jana Taylor, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Kayla Tracy-Martin, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Amy Tull, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Miranda Ward, Aft. School Teacher, Goetz, $25/hr; Elizabeth Breshnahan, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Claudia Byfield, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Jackie Chapman, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Whitney Davis, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Patricia Hill, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Christina Kelton, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Kimberly Lengerich, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Nora Peraza, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Sheila Roberts, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Shauna Shorb, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Katy Thompson, Aft. School Coordinator, Irving, effective 01/19/2022; Jeanette Vasquez, Aft. School Teacher, Irving, $25/hr; Shannon Barnes, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Jacqueline Bennett, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Andrew Coker, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Andrea  Garrett, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Jacqueline Jackson, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Regina Kelley, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Skye Lawrence, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Tiffany McCoin, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Sherry Morgan, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Heather Morrison, Aft. School Teacher,Pershing, $25/hr; Lisa Rogers, Aft. School Coordinato, Pershing, effective 01/19/2022; Klaire Starkey, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Lavina Stepp, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Lisa Tate, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Jenny Turner, Aft. School Teacher, Pershing, $25/hr; Amanda Cumby, Aft. School Librarian, Sadler, $25/hr; Cindy Seitz, Aft. School Teacher, Sadler, $25/hr; Elizabeth Bresnahan, Classroom Overage, Irving, effective 01/18/22; April Wheeler, Classroom Overage,Pershing, effective 01/18/22; Denise Emert, Classroom Overage, Pershing, effective 01/18/22; Susan Hanna, Classroom Overage, Pershing, effective 01/18/22; Kayla Tracy, Classroom Overage, TG, effective 01/18/22.

D. Extra duty pay of $25 Per Hour for three hours for certified staff for Thursday, March 3, 2022: Robin Allen, Extra Duty,  ECC; Kimberly Armstrong, Extra Duty, ECC; Kristen Bishop, Extra Duty, ECC; Geri Bryant,Extra Duty, ECC; Jana Dunlap, Extra Duty, ECC; Melissa  Gosney, Extra Duty, ECC; Jacquie  Hill,  Extra Duty,  ECC; Meleah Hoskins,  Extra Dut, ECC; Cayce Kirk , Extra Duty, ECC; Allison Martinez, Extra Duty, ECC; Kasandra McElmurry, Extra Duty, ECC; Marian O’Rourke, Extra Duty, ECC; Angie Ragsdale, Extra Duty, ECC.Katherine Warrior, Extra Duty, ECC.

E. Extra duty pay of $25 Per Hour for three hours for certified staff for Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021: Kimberly Armstrong, Extra Duty, ECC.

F. Resignation of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Nelson Almodovar Arbelo,Teacher, Irving, effective 12/15/2021; Katherine Pisowicz, Teacher, Sadler, effective 12/17/2021; Brenda Juengst, Teacher, MHS, effective 12/17/2021.

G. Employment of support staff for the 2021-2022 school year: *Pending bond approval, *Carolyn Downs, Finance Secretary, Creek, effective 01/19/2022; Timothy Obney, Shop Hand, Maintenance, effective 01/03/2022; Thomas Bentley, Paraprofessional, MHS, effective 01/19/2022; Amy Dean, Associate Teacher, MHS, effective 01/03/2022; Laney Johnson, Paraprofessional, MHS, effective 01/19/2022; Tiffany Kanny, Associate Teacher, MHS, effective 01/03/2022; Dixie Shope, Associate Teacher, MHS, effective 01/03/2022; Helen Ingram, Paraprofessional, Sadler, effective 01/19/2022.

H. Extra duty pay of $15 Per Hour for three hours for support staff for Thursday, March 3, 2022: Robbie Anderson, ECC; Allison Arnett, ECC; Kelsey Bryant, ECC; Sherri Fleetwood, ECC; Claudia Garcia, ECC; Diana Gilliam, ECC; Patricia Jones, ECC; Angela Martin, ECC; Hermetta Moore, ECC; Amy Reed, ECC; Susie Sallis, ECC; Kimberly Stout, ECC; Susan Wiebe, ECC; Georgia  Wiedel, ECC; Keli Wiedel, ECC. Belinda Wiles, ECC.

I. Extra duty pay of $15 Per Hour for three hours for support staff for Thursday, December 9, 2021: Patricia Jones, ECC.

J. Extra duty of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Vanessa Amaya, Soccer Coach JH,  8/9 & 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 01/19/2022; Jennifer Capps, Aft. School Secretary, Creek, $15/hr; Mara Hubbard, Aft. Sch. Office Asst., Sadler, $15/hr.

K. Resignation of support staff employment for the 2021-2022 school year: Trevor Anderson, Custodian, Pershing, effective 12/22/2021; Trevor Anderson, Custodian, Pershing, effective 12/10/2021; Kim Willis, Secretary, Creek, effective 12/17/2021; Megan Autrey, Coordinator of Tech, District, effective 02/01/2022.

L. Non-acceptance of employment for support staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Sarah Morris, Paraprofessional, Sadler, effective 12/14/2021.

STANDING RESOLUTIONS (Online Only) —  BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A. – L. as listed:     

A.  Minutes of Previous Meeting, December 14, 2021.

B. Schedule of Payments — Checks to be issued in payment January encumbrances/invoices as duly audited from the funds and in the amounts listed below and itemized in the financial reports:

AP – Checks # 20221390-20221711 $ 7,403,288.47 EP – # 220107-220123 $47,669.24 ; AF – Checks #2200132-2200183 $64,031.67; DD’s – # 22203517-22204306 $1,918,757.45.

C. Schedule of Encumbrances – Numbered 22001922-22002213     

D. Operating & Investment Funds — Dec. 1-31, 2021 — Operating Account $2,267,563.79; Activity Account $459,563.79; Investment Account $0.    

E. Financial Report — Balance Sheet; Expense/Revenue Report; Activity Fund; Designation of Funds; Investments.

F. PO’s Over $15,000

00044065 CDW Government 793 $15,119 Chromebooks

G. Contracts —   United Systems  $84,074.21  Firewall

On Pass Pro Software  $10,930  Software

H. Bids— Acura Neon, Signage. $300,000, Stadium-Fieldhouse

I. Transfers Activity: None           

J. Sanctioning: None          

K. Surplus: None      

L. Policies: Student Transfers  Revisions  For Approval       

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