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WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education.

WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday.

WHERE: Education Service Center, 202 W. Broadway.


1. CALL TO ORDER – Larry Stewart, President; INVOCATION – Reuben McIntosh, Principal, New Tech Cherokee; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Larry Stewart, President.


3. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT — Technology Effectiveness Report – Justin Walker; Bond Issue Update – Lance Crawley.



6. Renewal of the Sublease agreement dated July 1, 2013, between the district and Muskogee Industrial Trust for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, as required under the provisions of the agreement.

7. Renewal of the Sublease Agreement dated Dec. 1, 2015, in the amount of $78,145,000.

8. Discussion, Motion, Vote to accept or reject bids opened in the Boardroom at the Education Service Center for Muskogee Public Schools on Tuesday, June 14 at 2 p.m. for lowest amounts and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) as provided and vetted by Manhattan Construction Company on scopes of work for Sadler Arts Academy Renovation.

9. Discussion, Motion, and Vote to accept / reject bids opened in the Superintendent’s Conference Room at the Education Service Center at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, for the lowest amounts as provided and vetted by Flintco Inc., on five additional scopes of work at the High School Fine Arts and Office Areas: Signage, Millwork, Band Room Millwork, Fire Alarm, and Asphalt Paving.

10. PROPOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION. An Executive Session is proposed for discussion of: Personnel recommendations A. through L. (names listed below) being presented for the resignation, termination, or employment of staff members, with vote to be taken after return to Open Session; pursuant to OKLA. STAT. 25 O.S. § 307(B)(1).




BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE personnel resolutions A. through L. as stated.

A. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2022-2023 school year: Michael Adair, Dean, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Russell Baird, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Ian McLoud, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Nellie Rose, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Marvin Samuels,Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Dallas Schreiber, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Joshua Smith, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Ariel Swanagan, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Jason Campbell, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Stephan Hamby, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Luke Leatherman, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Sarah Wallace, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Hillary Wood, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Katherine Kimble,Teacher, Cherokee, effective 08/01/2022; Victoria Wilson, Teacher, Cherokee, effective 08/01/2022; Kathryn Crutchfield,Teacher, ECC, effective 08/01/2022; Amber Murray, Teacher, Creek, effective 08/01/2022; Carla Talley, Teacher, Creek, effective 08/01/2022; *Hannah Whitlock, Teacher, Creek, effective 08/01/2022; Kim Witherspoon, Teacher, Creek, effective 08/01/2022; Mary Thompson, Teacher/Data Entry, District, effective 08/01/2022; Phyllis Watson, Teacher, Tony Goetz, effective 08/01/2022; Christina Kelton, Teacher, Irving, effective 08/01/2022; TeAna Tramel, Counselor, Irving, effective 08/01/2022; Justin Ayer, Video Production, MHS, effective 08/01/2022; Darrin Cook, Teacher, MHS, effective 08/01/2022; Melissa Gunckel, Counselor, MHS, effective 08/01/2022; 

*Zoe McWilliams, Teachers, MHS, effective 08/01/2022; Caleb Dan, Speech Lang. Path, MHS – 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Jennifer Slater, Lead Counselor, District, effective 07/01/2022; Lisa Tate, Teacher, Pershing, effective 08/01/2022; Kyah Fields, Teacher, RIA, effective 08/01/2022; Mike Idelman, Teacher, RIA, effective 08/01/2022; Andrew O’Dell, Teacher, RIA, effective 08/01/2022; Norwood Smith, Teacher, RIA, effective 08/01/2022; Lakeya Anderson,Teacher, Sadler, effective 08/01/2022; Narcissa Hays-Martinez, Teacher, Sadler, effective 08/01/2022; Jennifer Hiner, Teacher, Sadler, effective 08/01/2022; Shelby Perry, Teacher, Sadler, effective 08/01/2022; Alicia Sloat, Teacher, Sadler, effective 08/01/2022; **Suzanne Buck, Speech Language Path, St. Joseph’s, effective 07/01/2022; Andrea Fincher, Counselor, Tony Goetz, effective 08/01/2022; Jana Taylor, Teacher, Tony Goetz, effective 08/01/2022 

**Contracted; *Pending Certification

B. Extra duty of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: *Pamela Bunkley, Class Overage, Cherokee, effective 04/26/2022; Shelby Perry, Summer Teacher, Creek, $25/hr; Amy Dean, AP Summer Institute, MHS, $400; Jeffery Dupree, AP Summer Institute, MHS, $400.


C. Non-acceptance of position for temporary employment of certified staff for the 2022-2023 school year: Jessica Laverty, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., 03/31/2022.

D. Resignation of certified staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Heather Owens, Teacher, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 06/30/2022; Andrea Hurst, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 06/30/2022; Pamela Sedillo, Teacher, 8/9 Grade Acad., effective 06/30/2022; Norman Sedillo, Instructional Spec., District, effective 06/30/2022; Allison Dittman, Teacher, ECC, effective 06/30/2022; Robin Tyrrell, Instructional Spec, ECC/Sadler, effective 06/30/2022; Blane Burge,Teacher, MHS, effective 06/30/2022; Candice Elrod, Counselor, MHS, effective 06/30/2022; David Kinamon, Teacher, MHS, effective 06/30/2022; Sarah Bias, Teacher, Pershing, effective 06/30/2022; Kodi Morrison, Teacher, RIA, effective 06/30/2022; Stephanie Payne, Counselor, RIA, effective 06/30/2022; Rachel Bell, Teacher, Tony Goetz, effective 06/30/2022; Amy Tull, Instructional Spec., Tony Goetz, effective 06/30/2022.

E. Temporary employment of support staff for the 2022-2023 school year: Sarah Blevins, Paraprofessional, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 08/01/2022; Dynall Thomas, Office Assistant, Cherokee, effective 08/01/2022; Katie Munsell, Teacher Assistant, ECC, effective 08/01/2022; Candi Whittiker, Teacher Assistant, ECC, effective 08/01/2022; Melanie Barton, Finance Secretary, Tony Goetz, effective 08/01/2022.

F. Extra duty of support staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Brian Fields, Summer Painter, District, $15/hr; Esmeralda Hernandez, Summer Associate, RIA, $15/hr.       

G. Resignation of support staff employment for the 2021-2022 school year: Maria Seamster, Custodian, 6/7 Grade Center, effective 05/06/2022; Esmeralda Hernandez, Food Server, CNS, effective 05/10/2022; *Neda Hilliard, Nutrition Ed. Coord., CNS, effective 06/30/2022; Bailey Tull, Paraprofessional, Creek, effective 05/20/2022; Amy Reed, Teacher Assistant, ECC, effective 06/30/2022; Kimberly Stout, Teacher Assistant, ECC, effective 06/30/2022; Clifton Harris, Assistant Drill Instruct.,RAA, effective 06/30/2022; Cordell Love, Behavioral Specialist, RAA, effective 06/30/2022; Robert Caton, Shop Helper, Transportation, effective 05/03/2022; *Retiring.

H. Termination of support staff employment for the 2021-2022 school year: Carl Dugan, Energy Specialist, Maintenance, effective 05/10/2022.

I. Voluntary separation process of certified staff for the 2022-2023 school year: Janet Coffman, Kidzquest Lead, Irving, effective 06/30/2022. 

J. Incompletion of probationary period for support staff for the 2021-2022 school year: Jarrod Jackson, Custodian, 6/7 Grade Acad., effective 05/13/2022.

K. Resignation of certified administrative staff employment for the 2021-2022 school year: Jerald Huffer, Coordinator, District, effective 06/30/2022; Heather Jones, Principal, RAA, effective 06/30/2022; Kim Fleak, Exec. Dir. Student Serv., effective 07/01/2022.

L. Employment of certified administrative staff employment for the 2022-2023 school year: Kim Fleak, Principal, MHS, effective 07/01/2022.



BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A.-M. as listed:

A. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS —  March 25, 2022 Special; May 17, 2022 Special; May 17, 2022 Regular; May 24, 2022 Special; June 2, 2022 Special.

B. SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS — Checks to be issued in payment March encumbrances/invoices as duly audited from the funds and in the amounts listed below and itemized in the financial reports:

AP- Checks #20223046-20223401 $4,749,810.47

EP- #220261-220295 $87,076

AF- Checks #2200406-220496 $71,951.44

DD’s- #22207545-22208340 $1,983,706.59



1. Operating Account $19,913,396.26

2. Activity Account $485,135.68

3. Investment Account $0

E. FINANCIAL REPORT — Balance Sheet, Expense/Revenue Report, Activity Fund, Designation of Funds, Investments 

F. PO’S OVER $15,000

Number Vendor Project Amount Description

00045713 Flintco 795 $6,545,000 HVAC, windows, flooring

00045752 Republic Services 795 $28,700 Trash Service

00045778 National Inventors 785 $37,500 Curriculum 6-8 grade

00045779 National Inventors 511 $50,300 Stem Curr. summer school

00045807 National Inventors 785 $17,572 Curriculum 8/9 GC

00045903 Thompson School Book Dep 333 $17,365.43 textbooks

00045901 ImageNet Consulting 174 $22,568.75 Laserfiche and support

00045918 Pinnacle Business Systems 173 $16,340.94 Software

00045932 Renfro Electric 267 $250,000 Lighting HS

00046103 FY 23 Dept. of Human Svc 165 $105,000 Social Workers

00046108 FY 23 BluMark 169 $70,000 Natural Gas

00046409 FY 23 Rosenstein, Fist 040 $43,000 Legal Fees

00046120 FY 23 Dobson Fiber 172 $51,000 Technology

00046121 FY 23 OG&E 168     $700,000 Electricity

00046125 FY 23 Unite Private Networks 173 $15,000 Technology

00046126 FY 23 Deep River Resources 174 $45,000 Technology services

00046132 FY 23 EMS Linq 173 $38,475 Software

00046151 FY 23 CRW Consulting 173 $27,209.55 Erate Consulting

00046172 Frontline 050 $25,300 HR Software

00046201 FY 23 Jenkins & Kemper 040 $27,100 Audit Services

00046205 FY 23 Commercial Risk Group 040 $25,000 Insurance consultant

G. Surplus Property — Athletics Weight equipment, obsolete and unused items.

H. Annual Approvals

Loan agreement, Between all funds, no interest

Uniform Grant Guidance, Per Exhibit

Activity Fund, Revenues, Expenses, Sub-accounts, Per Exhibit

Minutes Clerk – Carla Cooper

Deputy Minutes Clerk – Brandon Irby

Appropriated Fund Encumbrance – Cindy Adkins

Activity Fund – Rhonda Harder

CN Encumbrance – Kim Logsdon

Treasurer – Mika Barton

Deputy Treasurer – Rhonda Harder

Federal Program Rep/Signature – Jarod Mendenhall

Overdraft Agreement, Armstrong Bank,  $5,000,000

I. Reaffirm Lease Purchase — Midwest Bus Sales, Buses; Government Capital Lease 9520, Furniture Fixtures.

J. District Memberships

OKASBO. OK Assoc. Of School Business Officials. District Membership

OSSBA. OK State School Board Assoc. District Membership

OSAC. Oklahoma School Advisory Council

GMCC. Greater Muskogee Chamber

USSA. United Suburban School Assoc

MAEC. Muskogee Area Education Consortium

CCOSA. Cooperative Council for Okla. School Administration District Level Services

K. Bids — OSIG, Property Insurance, $770,954; CompRisk, Workers Comp, $160,344

L. Contracts

BlueMark 169 Natural Gas

ImageNet 174 $22,568.75 Laserfiche support/software

Imagine Learning 511 $32,525 Digital Curriculum

Collier Consulting 515 $60,000 Data System

Dept. of Rehabilitation 0 0 Rehabilitation Services

DHS General $130,000 – $140,000 School Based Services

OKTLE General $12,946.25 Evaluation System

Vector Solutions General $3,573.50 State Mandated PD

Integrity Pathways 795 $186,000 Counselors

Achieve 3000 515 $14,506 Literacy Program

School Based Services General $50,000 Student Psych eval & interp.

CCOSA 795 $2,000 Membership for District

Access to Healthcare Solutions 621 $70,000 Special Services Provider

Alpha Plus 511 $228,990 Curriculum

Safe School 793 $42,241 Safe ID Kiosks

Mary Van Etten 511 $35,300 Reading Recovery

Eduskills 511 $34,900 Data Management

Paradigm Shift 261 $159,000 PD

Kids Space 0 0 Community Program

OK School Group Insurance General Insurance Group Services

Integrity Pathways 795 Health Services

Green Country Mental Health 0 School Based Services

Viewpoint Counseling Center 0 School Based Services

National Investors Hall of Fame for Summer School Title 1

Title 1 $67,872

$37,500 Summer School Curriculum

Summer School Curriculum

Power School Talend Ed General $14,586.09 Maintaining personnel files

M. FY 23 Budget — GF – $50,972,166 BF – $7,994,322

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