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A man is due in a Midland court today accused of taking photos of dozens of students while working as an IT contractor at several WA schools.

The 21-year-old was last month charged with indecently recording children and possessing child exploitation material.

“Chris” was recently informed by police his son was one of the children allegedly photographed and told Gareth Parker on Mornings he’s speaking out because not enough attention has been giving to the case.

He says his wife is struggling to cope with what has happened and there needs to be a better system to protect school children from predators.

“She can’t get her head around how it happened, how this guy got into the schools in the first place ” he said.

“This guy’s got a Working with Children certificate and a police clearance, obviously he hasn’t got that anymore but how does the system work where a guy like this can get into the system and work with children?”

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