Nanny faces arrest over alleged child abuse at S. Korean daycare

INCHEON (Yonhap) — Police said Friday they plan to seek an arrest warrant later in the day for a daycare center employee on suspicion of beating a 4-year-old girl.

A shocking CCTV video, released by police three days ago, shows the 33-year-old woman slapping the girl’s face and knocking her to the ground after seeing that she hasn’t finished her meal.

The woman later admitted that she had hit the girl, but denied beating children regularly, said the Incheon Yeonsu Police Station probing the case, adding she will face charges of child abuse.

Police said the woman initially said she had beaten the child to teach her a lesson. But she later revised her affidavit, saying she no longer remembered why she’d beaten the child and believed she had “lost her mind for a second,” according to police sources.

The woman also faces allegations that she beat at least four other children at the daycare center. She said she did so out of love and her behavior didn’t constitute violence, police sources said.

Police said they plan to request an arrest warrant in the evening after wrapping up their investigation.

The head of the daycare center will be summoned for questioning after the arrest warrant is issued, police said.