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Three Chicago-area mysteries are put under the microscope in NBC Chicago’s new unsolved mysteries series, “Scene of the Crime,” available now on Roku and Apple TV.

NBC 5 veteran investigator and former “Dateline” reporter Rob Stafford tells the stories of missing United Airlines executive Jake Cefolia, missing Chicago postal worker Kierra Coles and the death of suburban college student Pravin Varughese.

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In the three-part series, Stafford interviews unexpected witnesses, uncovers new twists and digs up analysis that will have viewers questioning everything they thought they knew about these cases.

To watch “Scene of the Crime,” search for NBC Chicago on your Roku or Apple TV. Download the channel and look for the series near the top.

Episode 1: Missing United Executive Jake Cefolia

A high-powered Chicago airline executive is acting strangely in the days before his Range Rover is found abandoned near the trails where he trained for marathons. Did he run toward a new life or away from trouble in his old one? Follow the twists and turns in the strange case of Jake Cefolia.

Episode 2: What Happened to Kierra Coles?

A pregnant Chicago postal worker disappears on a day she called off work. Surveillance video seems to show her in uniform walking past her car. Where did she go? Was that really her? A veteran detective follows the clues. What happened to Kierra Coles?

Episode 3: A Mother’s Quest For Pravin Varughese

A suburban Chicago college student gets a ride from a stranger and winds up dead. Police say it was an accident, but his mother says the bruises on his body don’t make sense. She takes on the cops and the suspect in a fight for justice for her son.

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