21 thoughts on “NBC Dateline ‘My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger’ – Part 2/6

  1. PeaceSignTape

    actor: can i get a photo? me: ask my mom. she has 50,000. actor: okay can i
    get an adress: me: somewhere over the rainbow

  2. anzwertree

    I think parents are going about this the wrong way. It’s not simply a
    “strange situation” that is the problem. It’s a lack of skeptical and
    critical thinking skills. If they were really assessing the situation then
    they’d ask questions, like why do you want my information? What’s your
    name? Let me see your ID. Do you have a number why your information can be
    confirmed? Who is your employeer? What kind of TV show? What network is it?
    You should not merely teach kids to rely on specific scenarios

  3. Mikki Taylor

    That’s the whole idea….these predators are wolves in a sheep’s
    clothing…they’re not going to come looking like the Boogey Man….and
    kids need to be aware of that….