22 thoughts on “NBC Dateline ‘My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger’ – Part 5/6

  1. Sun Dae

    What’s wrong with getting free ice cream and not getting in the truck?
    Unless it’s poisoned, or what..?

  2. MooMooCow95

    It is NORMAL for kids to be naturally trusting. They are innocent–often
    times oblivious to bad things like this. It’s ADULTS who have the

  3. HappyBearPranking

    this happened to me and i was carring my throwing knives. (im a realy good
    thrower) and im 13 and a half and i was witg a friend and threw a knife in
    his knee and ran inside

  4. Jaimee isaboss

    They may be kids but the parents are trying to teach there kids something,
    if they make a mistake like the girl did in this video.

  5. William Eichar

    sadly, the girl who got into the truck, even as her mom is explaining to
    her why it’s dangerous, has this vacant expression. She really doesn’t get

  6. alina wilson

    …But they got to KEEP THE ICE CREAM!!! That completely negates any
    negative message they were supposed to receive in regards to their

  7. abelign

    Why the fuck would you be upset your kid got into an ice cream truck? Cut
    them some slack they are kids