25 thoughts on “NBC Dateline ‘My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger’ – Part 6/6

  1. Mark Dorsey

    “Did you go on the truck with him?”
    “Malcolm Did!”
    “No you did too! Everybody did!”

    Fucking Sellouts!

  2. MooMooCow95

    Me during this experiment, “Oh, he’s cute. I’ll follow him without paying
    attention to his motives or what he’s saying.”

    XD I would totally get kidnapped and I’m like 18 years old

  3. Jayron2431

    Those boys at the end OMG they are going to be hot when they’re older I’m
    so fucking jealous. And the ice cream man ;D 

  4. 930Scarlet

    Good point. They copy us perfectly. How can we one day say…. look it’s
    the ice cream man and then expect them NOT to go on their own. It’s like
    every child needs to experience what these kids did to have a chance at
    making the right decision. Wow. I am scared shitless for my daughter.

  5. Andre Young

    What the fuck?! They’re little kids! You want them to make rational
    decisions? If that’s the case…send these kids into war. My parents taught
    me the same stuff but if some dude asked me if I want to come inside an
    ice-cream truck while their age, hell yeah!

  6. Ember121Scorpio

    what they should have done is have the guy shut the door, give them a bit
    of a scare to help them remember

  7. Qwao Shwao

    Telling a little boy that you were spying on him and his friends to see if
    he would make the right choice…seems like this little exercise does more
    harm than good

  8. MomCat2314

    But think about how we condition kids to blindly accept things like the ice
    cream man. We run around screaming and send them flyin gover to the van
    with cash in hand. And then to expect children to differentiate that at
    other times its is not ok? And I think peer pressure is a formidable thing
    that most parents will alwasy lose to. I did find it distasteful that this
    seasoned reporter cried on national tv about this and I bet those mom’s
    were pissed too.

  9. SSmithProductions

    A legitimate ice cream truck appears. The ice cream man asks Josh if he
    wants ice cream. Josh then proceeds to punch the ice cream man. The ice
    cream is severely injured. The ice cream man sues for medical and emotion
    damages. He wins. Josh is incarcerated and has to pay millions. Lesson

  10. EastendBillythekid

    The problem is 98% of people are great and would give the boy’;s ice cream.
    But kids are kids man .. ANy kid would be caught.. like that..

  11. EastendBillythekid

    Sad very sad if that was a terrible situation and not a test but thank god
    this show aired and now kids know better.. Then need to learn like this
    Reality not JUST IN theory!

  12. mskiara101

    I’ve watched that show religiously & they all look like regular people that
    you see everyday & that’s because they are

  13. 93MickyD2

    Watch just half an hour of To Catch a Predator and you’ll see that they do
    actually fit a fairly specific profile.

  14. UncleFeedle

    I think that would have been an excellent idea. Imagine he were to drop the
    friendly-guy act, slam the doors closed and drive off with them for a bit.
    Then they’d realize how big a mistake they’d made, a mistake I doubt they’d
    never make again.