NBC News Promo – The Choking Game

30 second commercial promoting KXAN NBC Austin Newscast story, The Choking Game followed by teasers to upcoming stories later in the week. Produced, written,…


14 thoughts on “NBC News Promo – The Choking Game

  1. killaaztec

    dude how retarted do you ahve to do to do this god this is like more dumber
    than smokeing crack dude ..not tryin to be raicist but have you notiiced
    its mostlt white or part white kids doing this?

  2. justinsims8

    people that play this game are so gay i mean who would kill their self at a
    yong age so stop and think…

  3. ronvins

    I’m sorry for your loss duhkimmy1284..i have a 3 year old nefew and a 6
    year old nedew and I pray that they will not find out about this game….
    R.I.P ( I’m sorry I don’t know his name so I’ll say) ‘your nefew’

  4. adevilishere

    i did this game nothing happened but then we tryed it on my friend he
    nearly died he went to hospital but he was lucky he survived

  5. Chocolate Cupcakes

    my friend’s boyfriend died 3 years ago because of this. a bunch of people
    at school were doing it, and i got a call from my friend only to find out
    he strangled himself with a rope, and he was one of my best friends, so
    everyone was at school the next day bawling their eyes out. everyone liked
    him, and didnt expect him to do something like that. stupid “game”!!!!!!!!

  6. adevilishere

    btw i wasent trying 2 act cool or anything but i do agree that i was a
    fucking idiot it was like 2 yrs ago

  7. smoke10108

    Why are kids so fucking retarted now days?? “Hey kids lets go kill our
    selfs by chocking our necks off to death!” …Fucking idoits. The parents
    need a good wipe in the ass

  8. 562boii

    LOL you fucking idiot, if you’re tryna be cool why don’t you go lay down in
    the middle of a freeway and lay down until a car crushes the shit out of
    your stupid ass, hehe you’ll get the same results as the “choking
    game”…DEATH..have fun dying you pathetic BITCH.