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‘WandaVision’ inches up again, and Disney+ claims half of the 10 most watched original movies in the United States.

Two Netflix series finished in a virtual tie atop Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week of Feb. 8-14.

Firefly Lane repeated as the No. 1 show, with 1.288 billion minutes of viewing time for the week. Docuseries Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel had 1.286 billion minutes, marking the closest finish to date in the six months Nielsen has been releasing weekly streaming numbers.

It’s possible that more people, however, tuned into Crime Scene: Its four episodes have a total running time of 222 minutes. Dividing 1.286 billion minutes gives an average audience of about 5.79 million viewers per minute. Firefly Lane‘s 10 episodes, meanwhile, span 502 minutes, for an average viewership about of 2.57 million per episode.

Disney+’s WandaVision inched up to 596 million minutes of viewing time (an average minute audience of roughly 2.77 million) with the release of its sixth episode, good for third among streaming original series. USA Network’s The Sinner was far and away the most watched acquired series with 1.23 billion minutes of viewing time; the show’s third season made its Netflix debut in the U.S. on Feb. 6.

Netflix and Disney+ split the top 10 feature films evenly, with the 2016 movie War Dogs (on Netflix) snagging the top spot, just above To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Streaming platforms contend Nielsen’s methodology doesn’t capture the full scope of viewing on devices other than TV sets. Nielsen also only measures U.S. audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only includes Amazon, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix in its rankings.

Nielsen’s streaming top 10s for Feb. 8-14 are below. Original streaming films are marked with an asterisk.

Original Series

1. Firefly Lane (Netflix), 1.288 billion minutes viewed
2. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (Netflix), 1.286 billion
3. WandaVision (Disney+), 596 million
4. Bridgerton (Netflix), 409 million
5. Cobra Kai (Netflix), 300 million
6. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix), 284 million
7. The Crown (Netflix), 281 million
8. Longmire (Netflix), 232 million)
9 (tie). Go Dog Go (Netflix), 194 million
9 (tie). Lucifer (Netflix), 194 million

Acquired Series

1. The Sinner (Netflix), 1.23 billion minutes
2. Criminal Minds (Netflix), 948 million
3. iCarly (Netflix), 883 million
4. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 867 million
5. Heartland (Netflix), 637 million
6. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix), 635 million
7. Outlander (Netflix), 611 million
8. Mariposa de Barrio (Netflix), 588 million
9. Cocomelon (Netflix), 587 million
10. NCIS (Netflix), 495 million


1. War Dogs (Netflix), 326 million minutes
2. To All the Boys: Always and Forever* (Netflix), 320 million
3. Moana (Disney+), 220 million
4. The Dig* (Netflix), 187 million
5. Finding ‘Ohana* (Netflix), 175 million
6. Frozen II (Disney+), 159 million
7. Space Sweepers* (Netflix), 140 million
8 (tie). Avengers: Endgame (Disney+), 136 million
8 (tie). Frozen (Disney+), 136 million
10. Soul* (Disney+), 124 million

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