New app hopes to combat school bullying

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) – It’s an effort to increase learning, be proactive and ensure bullying has no place in the classroom.

A local school district is taking an extra step to beef up security around the district and inside of the classroom.

Florence County School District Three now has a new tool to help put an end to bullying.

The program is called QuickTip. It allows students to leave anonymous tips, picture and videos. The information entered into the system is them reported to school administrators.

“Having this anonymous way for someone to report bullying, harassment or just unsafe behavior in any form allows us to be very proactive and gives kids a voice and lets us know what’s going on,” said Kasey Feagin, Senior Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment for Florence County School District Three.

School leaders said the classroom should be an encouraging atmosphere free from malicious behavior and teasing.

Parents and community members of Florence Three are invited to get involved; if you see any behavior or ill treatment of children you can leave a tip.

While the district still asks students and parents to report bullying, harassment and any other unacceptable behavior to school authorities, it also understands that sometimes it’s a difficult task.

QuikTip’s anonymous reporting feature is a component one school principal appreciates.

“I think it would be…I will provide an opportunity for people to really voice their opinions and concerns about what’s going on and to give us a front leg ahead of the problem, so that we can go in and solve the problem,” said Mary Howard, Principal at Lake City Early Learning Center.