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New charges for Collingswood chef

Federal authorities have brought new charges against Alexander Capasso, a Collingswood chef previously charged with a child-pornography offense.

The celebrity restaurateur now is accused of the sexual exploitation of children, as prosecutors contend he used a South Jersey girl to produce child pornography. A criminal complaint filed Friday in federal court, Camden, also charges Capasso with possessing and distributing child porn.

Capasso, 42, and a former girlfriend were arrested in July, when authorities alleged they had recorded sexual abuse of the woman’s 5-year-old niece.

Capasso, who allegedly provided sexually explicit pictures of a young girl to an undercover investigator in Washington, D.C., was charged at that time with distribution of child pornography. That charge was filed in a federal court in the nation’s capital.

At the same time, the former girlfriend was charged with sexual exploitation of minors. The Courier-Post is withholding her name to protect the privacy of her niece.

Both remain in federal custody. Authorities have said Capasso is engaged in plea negotiations over the pending charge in Washington, D.C.

Capasso’s public defender, Carlos Venegas, could not be reached Monday.


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