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CLEVELAND, Ohio- Doctors at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland are monitoring something called multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children or MIS-C, “it’s an inflammatory syndrome that involves multiple systems of the body. This can be the heart, blood, the gi system, the kidneys, the muscles. It’s different in different kids. And the reason why it’s important now is that it’s new, we’ve never heard of it before, kids have never had this before,” said Dr. Amy Edwards, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at Rainbow Babies Hospital.

What You Need To Know

  • Doctors are monitoring Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
  • MIS-C impacts multiple systems in the body like heart, blood or GI system
  • Doctors see MIS-C about 4-6 weeks after a child has been exposed or symptomatic of COVID-19
  • MIS-C appears to be rare right now

Dr. Edwards says MIS-C appears in some children 4-6 weeks after they’re exposed to or symptomatic of the coronavirus, “it appears that it’s associated with coronavirus, so kids get very mild disease, A lot of times if asymptomatic, parents say no, my kid never had coronavirus. But then when we tested them, they’re antibody positive, indicating that they did have infection.”

Dr. Edwards says cases are relatively rare right now, “[it’s] really hard for us to say definitively because we don’t know how many kids have had coronavirus. Most kids have not been tested. So we don’t know what number we’re starting from. Like, do 100 kids in Cleveland have coronavirus, and only one is getting MIS-C? So that’s 1%, or do 10,000 kids have coronavirus, and only one is getting it? So it’s .001%. So those are very different prevalences, right?”

Though MIS-C is rare, it’s important for parents to be aware and monitor for symptoms, “MIS-C, if you let it go for four or five days they can they can end up in septic shock,” said Dr. Edwards. She says, look for a combination of symptoms that you wouldn’t typically see together, “if you’re noticing multiple things like they have pinkeye, for instance, but then they’re also having stomach ache and diarrhea well those don’t go together like those don’t fit right? Normally pinkeye come from like respiratory viruses, why would they also be having diarrhea, stomach ache, then, that doesn’t fit, because it’s a multi-system inflammatory syndrome, you can have symptoms from multiple systems, so they can have a rash they can have swollen hands and feet which is very odd. And so if you see that that would be more concerning for mis-c”

Dr. Edwards says if you know your child had coronavirus and you start to see these symptoms, call your pediatrician. As of right now, experts are keeping an eye on this syndrome and trying to learn more.

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