Newton parents to address bullying at next school board meeting

Some parents in Newton are prepared to address the school board about a bullying problem within the district.

They say there have been several instances around schools.

We talked to a student who says his family moved because of the problem. He says he just wants somebody to put an end to it.

“Somebody, some teachers to step up and do something. In my entire time there, I only had one teacher and one para ever try to help me,” says Alex Esau. “I can’t think of their names off the top of my head, but if I ever remember them – thank you.”

Alex is now in a GED program because he said he had to drop out because he was so far behind.

We also talked to the school district about their bullying policy.

Its policy follows the state definition of bullying which prohibits any form by teachers, students, or parents.

If a report is made, the district says the disciplinary action depends on the level of the offense and the age of the student as well as how many offenses have been reported.

Punishments could include school detention, conflict resolution, in school or out of school suspension or at worst, expulsion