NFL Players Who Get COVID at Parties and Nightclubs Will Get Fined, Says Report | #childabductors

NFL players who catch COVID-19 at nightclubs, bars, or house parties will face team discipline and might even run the risk of not being paid, according to a report from ESPN. The NFL Players Association sent around a memo this weekend saying that players could face discipline, including fines, if they get coronavirus as a result of reckless activity. Attending a high-risk event could allow a team to challenge the status of a COVID-19 diagnosis as a football injury, which, if successful, would allow the team the option of not paying him. The memo reportedly states: “Clubs/NFL can challenge designation as a football-related injury if it can prove that the player contracted COVID-19 through engaging in high-risk conduct below.” Those activities include any gatherings of more than 15 people at an indoor nightclub, an indoor bar, an indoor house party, a concert, or an indoor religious service attended by over a quarter of a venue’s capacity.

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