Nodaway Co. Sheriff race featuring rematch, but reversed roles | #predators | #childpredators | #kids

(MARYVILLE, Mo.) — The Randy Strong vs. Darren White race for Nodaway County sheriff is much the same as it was four years ago. It’s a match up of two lawmen touting their decades of experience in protecting their communities.

However, this time it’s Strong running as the incumbent and defending his job in office and White as the challenger. White was sheriff from 2009 to 2016 and replaced when Strong won the seat four years ago.

Strong says he’s proud of the work he’s accomplished and has met all the campaign goals he set when he took office.

“I think one of the biggest achievements was working in the spirit of cooperation with other stakeholders and and getting our 9-1-1 centers consolidated,” Strong said. “I brought in a full time D.A.R.E. officer, Sgt. Snell, and he also works as our School Resource Officer.”

Strong says he’s also targeted area drug dealers and putting them in jail and is working with other area law enforcement to bring back the Major Case squad.

“I think people in the community see the change in professionalism and see the success we’ve had. They’ve seen that we’re working with each other instead of the conflict that we were in in the past,” Strong said.”

Strong says he believes the hpeople of Nodaway County appreciate his experience as an investigator and the knowing the right way to solve a crime.

“I think people want to know that their top law enforcement official in the county is working to make sure their particular case is being looked after,” Strong said. “The way you do that is with effective investigations and follow up. Good crime scene work, good interview schools and beating the bushes to find out who committed their crime.”

Since White lost his election to Strong four years ago, White has stayed in the community working at a family business. He says he’s continued to pay close attention to what’s happening at the sheriff’s office.

“A couple years ago, one of the local newspapers wrote a story up on the Sheriff’s Office budget and how it had dramatically increased,” White said. “It has continued down that path. I think for the amount of increase we’ve seen we haven’t seen any progress.” 

White says he’d like to see the sheriff’s department once again get involved in the region’s Cybercrimes Task Force.

“Those are the people who were dealing not only with our child pornographers and child predators but they were also dealing with all of our scams and horrible things we see online,” White said.

White defends the work he did while sheriff, including the controversial Daisy Coleman case that gained national attention. The then-14 year-old Coleman claimed she had been raped by a high school student with several of his friends watching. None of the suspects involved were ever convicted of sexually assault.

“When you get a call and within four hours you have everybody rounded up, charged with a crime and ready to go to court. You can’t do any better than that,” White said.

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