Northrup pastor arrested on child pornography charges after BCA chatroom sting

A Northrop pastor and school superintendent has been charged with possessing child pornography after a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension chatroom sting identified Reverend Robert Trueblood as the person using the handle “PervyPastor” and others.

The I-P address was traced to the St. James Lutheran Church and School.

The criminal complaint shows that another name used on the ChatStep site by someone at that I-P address was “TruRev” and a BCA agent covertly engaged in a chat with him online, and says during the conversation Trueblood sent several sexually explicit pictures of young males.

Agents say he also sent what appears to be a body-only picture of himself, sitting in a chair nude, and stated that he taught elementary and secondary levels at a local parochial school.

Documents show that a search of the pastor’s computer uncovered pornographic photos depicting children under 18.

In an interrogation, the BCA says Trueblood admitted the chat room conversations were accurate.

If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

It’s been a challenging year for parishioners at St, James Lutheran; just over a year ago the church in Northrup burned down in a fire caused by a lightning strike.