Now is not the time to stop fighting in regards to COVID-19 | #students | #parents

The numbers of people testing positive for the COVID-19 virus has been on the rise in Michigan and many other states around the country over the past several weeks.

That is why it was a good feeling for me to receive my second dose of the Moderna vaccine this week, meaning that in two weeks I will be fully vaccinated against the virus. What is an even better feeling is the knowledge that millions of Americans, from teenagers on up to senior citizens, will be joining me in the weeks to come.

It’s great to see that many people in America are now following the lead of science instead of lying politicians when it comes to taking the correct response in fighting COVID. However, the fight against COVID is far from over as the vaccine is just another layer of protection and not a cure.

Something else some people still fail to grasp is that this is a global pandemic and not just an American one. Our backyard is a whole lot bigger than it was 60 to 80 years ago, so it is going to take time for the world to gain “herd immunity”.

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