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DARIEN — A New York man has been charged for allegedly passing counterfeit bills at two local establishments more than three years ago, police said.

Maxie Ryles, 31, was charged with first-degree forgery, first-degree conspiracy to commit forgery and sixth-degree larceny, according to police, in connection with incidents that occurred on Nov. 30, 2017.

Police said that on that date, three males were reported to have entered both Gofer Ice Cream and 1020 Post and passed counterfeit $50 bills.

At Gofer, police said the three males ordered ice cream costing less than $6 each. The three suspects payed individually, each using a $50 bill, police said, and all three males were given change for their purchase.

At 1020 Post, police said the trio came into the restaurant and sat at the bar. Each ordered a drink costing $11.70, police said, and asked for separate checks before each paying with a $50 bill. Police said change was given to all three men.

The investigation identified Ryles as one of the suspects, police said. On March 18, 2018, police obtained an arrest warrant for Ryles. Numerous attempts to locate Ryles at the time were unsuccessful, police said.

In June 2021, Darien police were notified that Ryles had been arrested in New Jersey on an unrelated incident and was currently in the custody of the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, N.J. On July 8, police said Ryles waived extradition, and on July 13 detectives went to Bergen County Jail and took him into custody.

Ryles was transported to Darien police headquarters, where he was processed for the local charges. Ryles was released on a $50,000 bond and is due in court on July 27.


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