NYC dentist’s lawyer blames meth addiction for tales of bestiality parties, infecting partners with HIV

Manhattan dentist John Wolf is a meth addict — and it was the drugs talking when he allegedly crowed to an informant about bestiality and infecting sex partners with the HIV virus, Wolf’s lawyer said Tuesday.

“People on meth aren’t accurate historians, they exaggerate and tend to say outlandish things,” lawyer Marc Agnifilo. “The key to this case is he has a drug problem.”

Wolf, 59, who had a successful practice on W. 15th St., was arrested by the feds Friday on kiddie porn and drug charges.

But the complaint is filled with salacious and demented comments attributed to the dentist which are not charged crimes.

Wolf was secretly taped by the informant with whom he traded dental services for meth, and an undercover FBI agent posing as a pervert.