Oct 4 | Subject: FREE Peaceful Parenting Classes | #parenting

Dear Neighbors,

Brahma Kumaris, Silicon Valley is offering free classes, “Shifting from Stressful to Peaceful Parenting”

Starting Oct 4th, 2020For 4 weeks, every Sun from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm PST
Parents are feeling the burden of never ending responsibilities even more during the pandemic. Unknowingly the stress of those responsibilities gets offloaded on kids and leaves parents with a lot of regrets. Kids are also feeling pressure from academics, peers, and sometimes even from parents. How can a parent who is stressed help in calming down a child that is stressed?
Make Peaceful Parenting a reality by joining us for 4 classes where we will understand the root cause of stress, discuss easy shifts in ways for immediate relief, and some long term changes to shift towards Peaceful Parenting.


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