Of angels, saints and the WBCSD | #specialneeds | #kids

My daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating form of epilepsy prior to going into the West Bonner County School District and is part of the special education program.

What I have learned with her, and many other special education children in our district, is that they are the angels among us teaching us how to be patient, kind, and resilient in the face of overwhelming odds and struggles. The special education staff and teachers at WBCSD are the saints among us, showing me that miracles for special needs children can happen every day and never giving up hope on the children who need it the most. The saints cheer for our children when they are making amazing progress and are a shoulder to cry on when the struggles become too much for parents to bear.

Keep in mind the state of Idaho only funds special education at 6% for K-6th grade and 5.5% for 7-12th grade populations. WBCSD currently has 14.7% of the student population receiving special education services. It is common for rural and low-income school districts to have high special education student populations and therefore receive insufficient state funding for special education. The Idaho State Special Education Funding Formula creates a general fund shortage for WBCSD. WBCSD is required by Idaho Constitution and law to provide every student an education. Please continue to support the angels and saints among us by voting yes on May 18.    


Priest River

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