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OKM students fight cancer

The leadership excellence class at Okanagan Mission Secondary School exceeded expectations with their recent Relay for Life fundraiser.

Students managed to raise over $34,500 for the Canadian Cancer Society at the June 2 event, more than $10,000 over the previous year.

Relay for Life is a school-wide fundraiser that raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society, organized by teacher sponsors Mrs. Mulleny and Mrs. Stoski. Along with the student leadership class, 19 teams and over 130 students and staff participated.

The top fundraiser, Kate Alcantara, raised $2,225 and the top team ‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Way’ raised over $4,000.

“Our principal, Mr. Lea, also dressed in full drag for the day, courtesy of a local Queen, Ella Lamaroux, after hitting a top fundraising goal to support the event. He was able to honour Pride Month for the month of June by doing so, and it became a truly memorable experience for everyone involved,” said Michelle Stoski.

The day also featured the stories of four cancer survivors in the OKM school community who reminded the participants of the importance of giving back and putting others before themselves.

“Their stories were heart-warming, and touching, and caused us to reflect on how truly valuable life is.”

“We hope that the success of this event can be shared to inspire others to make a difference in their community and give back to those in need. As a class and school community, we can confidently say that Relay for Life will be set in stone as an ever-lasting tradition at OKM that sparks hope in everyone involved,” Stoski said.

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