Online petition asks the incoming Howard County Board of Education members to reverse the decision for HCPSS to remain virtual for the 3rd quarter | #Education

I have seen this online petition shared around Facebook recently. It is asking the incoming Howard County Board of Education members to relook at the decisions recently made by the current Board members “Howard County Board of Education votes for HCPSS to remain virtual for quarter three of 2020-2021 school year“. Here is the full text of the online petition on

Stand Up for a Better HoCo BOE: Petition the Incoming Board to Reverse the Q3 Virtual Decision

The citizens of Howard County are appalled and heartbroken over the BOE’s decision last night to reject the hybrid model and stay virtual. After town halls, thoughtful discussion, and months of the Superintendents team working on a plan, Mavis Ellis, Kirsten Coombs, Sabina Taj, Jen Mallo, and the student member saw it fit to just outright reject the plan. But in less than a month Ellis, Coombs, and Taj will be gone. We need the new board to look at this again and approve the plan based on metrics. We believe that if Yun Lu, Antonia Watts and Jolene Mosley can join Vicky Cutroneo, Christina Delmont-Small, and Chao Wu in following the plan put in place by the superintendent that we can get kids back in the classroom this year in a safe manner. By signing this petition you are asking the new board to immediately take up this issue and reverse the vote.

As of this post the petition has 787 signers. You can view the online petition here:

The new Howard County Board of Education member come on board on December 7th.

The current board approved the following Health Metrics related to reopening:$file/10%2022%202020%20Reopening%20HCPSS%20Metric%20Color%20Bands.pdf

This morning (November 19th) according to the Howard County COVID-19 dashboard we are at 20.7 confirmed cases – 7 day average per 100,000.


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