Online predator and trafficking risk higher for children amid COVID-19 | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children

But most importantly, parents should have honest conversations with their children. Remind them the virtual world is a wonderful place, but also deceptive. Whenever possible, provide adult supervision over screen use, and make sure the privacy settings in all used platforms and apps are at the highest level. Explain ground rules and warning signs. Make sure children always have a trusted adult, even if not yourself, to contact for help and guidance. Make sure they know to stop the interaction immediately and reach out to that adult if a stranger engages them in correspondence, sends a photo or a video, asks for a photo or a video of the child, asks them to keep their communication a secret, offers a gift, or—most importantly—if someone online suggests an in-person meeting. Remind them to trust their gut — if something makes them feel uncomfortable, concerned, or scared, that means they should shut it off immediately and report.

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